How out of touch with common sense and reality can “O” be when he suggests that people talk about his healthcare debacle during their family Christmas celebration?  I suppose he’d rather if folks leave off the debacle part, but that’s pretty hard to do when your Holiday present from the White House has been to […]

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Treat or Trick

If there’s anything more bizarre than sitting around waiting for witches and goblins to strike on Halloween eve, it’s watching some of them buying a quarter of a million pepper spray projectiles, launchers and riot expansion kits in the name of Homeland Security.  It’s hearing others of them tell you to shop around in a […]

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Selling Planned Disaster

The impossibly impassable signup site is the least of it! More than a million and a half Americans [and counting] losing their existing healthcare coverage is just an anticipated ‘ACA’ oversight. It’s what you find if you do happen to get through that makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand straight […]

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In an apparent attempt to recapture ‘those thrilling days of yesteryear’ a woman nearly fainted during an Obama speech in the Rose Garden yesterday. As she was about to go down he told her, “I gocha, I gotcha.”  Now, there are rumors to the effect that this was a stunt but I don’t believe them. […]

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Great Expectations

There are a great many people in this country who somehow snoozed their way into the notion they’ll be getting free [or at least cheap] healthcare under Obamacare. Well, are these folks ever in for a rude awakening! With a glut of new people plugging into diminishing doctor ranks and substantially increased insurance premiums for […]

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