The Tax Bit

The Democrats have finally become a parody of themselves. I never watch MSLSD because I didn’t think their other viewer and I would get along very well, but after the skit I saw last night, I may take my chances in the future. Last night Rachael Maddow delivered a comedy routine that rivaled anything Saturday […]

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Ruining For President

I just watched an hour of news … an hour of hate! Everyone but the voters seems to be out to get Donald Trump … and Cruz whom I once liked, has turned into one of the most lying, devious SOBs I’ve seen in politics during my lifetime and there have been quite a few. […]

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FOX Signals Left Turn

The headline today reads, “FOX News Forum May Signal Thaw Between Democrats and Network.”  I suppose this makes the FOX’s hard turn to the Left official.  It leaves Conservatives with no representation on television and places it on a par with CNN and MSLSD. It was the obvious decision for any media outlet seeking smaller […]

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