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Rachael-MaddowThe Democrats have finally become a parody of themselves. I never watch MSLSD because I didn’t think their other viewer and I would get along very well, but after the skit I saw last night, I may take my chances in the future. Last night Rachael Maddow delivered a comedy routine that rivaled anything Saturday Night Live has put together in years!

With all the alacrity of Tina Fey viewing Russia from her (Sarah Palin’s) front porch and the comic timing of Jackie Gleason’s “Better Living Through TV” Honeymooners episode, Maddow delivered one line after another that had me waiting for someone to ask if she could “core a apple” with the pair of pages she constantly and so joyfully waived in the air! Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any funnier, she brought out Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton to add further speculation to the supposition stew she had cooked up.

What she had were two scraps of paper that, at best, substantiated President Trump probably needed a new accountant because he had paid more tax than he needed to 12 years ago. At worst she, or actually the Kramden character, was in receipt of stolen goods as the result of a mole, likely somewhere in government, committing a felonious act by releasing unauthorized material from a private citizen’s tax return.

The piling of one “what if, maybe, perhaps or suppose” on top of another surpassed even the height of a Trump skyscraper but without its strength or integrity. If you missed the bit on TV, you must view it online but I warn you, the hilarity lasts an entire hour. The only negative here is that someone might actually take this bit of nonsense seriously, instead of simply enjoying it for the desperate spoof that it represents.

As for Rachael? With her kooky facial expressions and campy delivery, I’m guessing she has a bright future at SNL, Comedy Central, or even right there at MSLSD where they are clearly on a ‘trip’, not a mission!

BlackoutAS A POST SCRIPT:  NBC apparently doesn’t want you to see Maddow making a fool of herself. The link I provided won’t work because they have just withdrawn the video of this program and “blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”.  Guess that’s our “free press” at work these daze! 

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