Trump Triumph!

Trump-Speaks-PostLast night wasn’t just Donald Trump giving a speech. It wasn’t Donald Trump businessman, candidate or even President-elect giving a speech. Last night was The President of the United States addressing both houses of Congress. As Ol’ Lefty Chris Wallace even said on FOX, “Whatever you believe, whatever side you are on, tonight Donald Trump became The President!”
Interrupted 94 times in 60 minutes, watching the likes of Nancy Pelosi having a hissy-fit in her seat, and seeing an increasing number of Democrats applaud as President Trump soared in the House Chamber, proved that you can fly with eagles if you don’t get bogged down by turkeys!
In contrast, the Democrat response was given by an old guy in a flannel shirt from a greasy diner, who didn’t seem quite sure whether he was a Republican or Democrat. I kept hoping someone would buy the poor old coot a cuppa’ joe. There really is a message there, somewhere.

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