Bringing There to Here

Immigrants-EllisI’m really getting tired of hearing how we are a nation built by immigrants.  Anyone who took American History 101 knows that … unless they were educated in the past quarter century or so while it was being rewritten.  The difference between those original immigrants and today’s border-jumpers or Middle-Eastern invaders is that they came here legally, with a desire to assimilate into our culture, to follow our Constitution, contribute to our country and become Americans … not to change anything, blow it up or drain the system of its wealth.  One of my favorite political commentators likes to say, “You can’t bring there to here without changing here to there.”

The immigrants who built America were sponsored and expected to work.  They were admitted under quotas, with intense screening for health, nationality, political views, personal intent, skills and, yes, religion.  Those not meeting our criteria were sent back to their countries of origin.  They arrived here over a great many decades, not in a stampede within a few months or a few years, learned our language, abided by our laws and our customs, while [secondarily] preserving their own heritage.  They were admitted because of need or desire, not for political purposes or to satisfy an agenda.

No one has the RIGHT to come into America.  It is a privilege that we extend to those deserving of it and there are specific procedures to be followed in order to get here and to stay here.  Contrary to what many on the left or bought and paid for anarchist crowds — or illegal aliens making unwarranted demands while burning our flag — would have you believe, we are a compassionate nation but a nation of laws.  This is who we are, who we have always been, and the broad diversity of talent woven into a single fabric is what has made America exceptional, what has made America great!

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