Not Trump

14639872_1432831103398041_3804404081228099233_nFunny thing about all the Democrat attempts at condemning Donald Trump: He never raised our taxes, cost American lives, voted for a war, presided over a surrender, sponsored a wasteful stimulus, got our national credit rating lowered, embraced our enemies, insulted our allies, infringed our free speech, religious liberty or 2nd Amendment rights.

He never compromised national security, sold stockpiles of American uranium to an adversary, peddled influence, negotiated a worthless nuclear deal, paid terrorists ransom for hostages, destroyed our healthcare system, disrespected police, gutted our military, insulted our veterans, paid thugs to riot in our streets, supported anarchist groups or compromised our national sovereignty.

He never did any of those things, never had the power to, yet Mr. Trump’s detractors say he is not qualified to be president. Really?

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