FOX Signals Left Turn

The headline today reads, “FOX News Forum May Signal Thaw Between Democrats and Network.”  I suppose this makes the FOX’s hard turn to the Left official.  It leaves Conservatives with no representation on television and places it on a par with CNN and MSLSD. It was the obvious decision for any media outlet seeking smaller […]

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Sports Lingo

Once upon a time, NBC TV offered unparalleled coverage of just about every sport worth watching.  So what happened since they acquired broadcast rights to NASCAR?  For more than five weeks I’ve listened to their hapless announcers use incorrect or inappropriate language to describe various elements of NASCAR, confident each week that someone at the […]

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Is It FOX or Me?

Is FOX taking a slow, butt-covering turn to the left or is it my imagination?  Most recently, they fired Judge Andrew Napolitano simply for truthfully telling it like it is.  Ironically, a portion of his presentation touched on Americans losing the right of free speech. Recently, I’ve heard that FOX’s ratings have been falling.  I’d […]

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