Sports Lingo

Once upon a time, NBC TV offered unparalleled coverage of just about every sport worth watching.  So what happened since they acquired broadcast rights to NASCAR?  For more than five weeks I’ve listened to their hapless announcers use incorrect or inappropriate language to describe various elements of NASCAR, confident each week that someone at the […]

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Chrome A Bit Tarnished

For the horse’s sake, it’s unfortunate that California Chrome didn’t win the Triple Crown … but it appears the owners got exactly what they deserved.  Co-owner Steve Coburn may be the biggest horse’s patute in all of sport; he is definitely the rudest, crudest, nastiest individual I’ve seen on TV, since Bill Mahr.  I wonder […]

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Keeping Score

Everything I see and hear about the Olympics seems to be centered around the medal count.  At one point, Putin was practically buying train tickets to Siberia for the Russian hockey team and most of the U.S. media are lamenting how American athletes have been disappointing this year in their medal “haul” … particularly gold. […]

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Pass The Pigskin

I woke up this morning to a sports headline that read, “Brady Proves Once Again He’s Better Than Manning.”  Is somebody forgetting football is a TEAM sport?  Any team that gets behind 24-0 and gives up more than 200 yards to a single running back needs to be counting their lucky stars if they survive […]

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