Who’s In The Tank

I keep hearing Ted Cruz interviews where he insists that Mr. Trump is not just part of but IS the establishment. First, let’s define what the establishment is … there are two. One is the POLITICAL establishment, where anything is possible, except for the American dream anymore. The other is most of the rest of […]

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More Like A ‘Puddy Tat’ Than A FOX

Watched the Republican presidential debate on CNN last night, then turned to FOX for commentary as usual. What I found was a cast iron b-itch and several unprofessional minions doing a pure Donald Trump hit piece, instead of providing the substantive commentary I used to get once upon a time. From Mayhem Kelly I expected […]

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First Real Black President?

The latest coordinated attack by CNN, Politico and the major media outlets upon Dr. Ben Carson is certain not to be the last.  First let me categorically state the current controversy about his going or not going to West Point is no more than a fabricated hit piece designed to assassinate the character of the […]

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What You Say

I keep hearing people badmouthing Donald Trump because he gave money to the Democrats or sat Hillary in the front row at his wedding.  As the frumpy old ‘lady’ in the pants suit said, “At this point, what difference does it make?” So far, The Donald is saying and doing all the right things and […]

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