The events in Charlottesville were completely predictable. The ‘offended’ left has moved to needlessly destroy huge chunks of Southern history and tradition over the past few years. PC fanatics have done everything from sweeping the names of Confederate heroes from schools and streets to removing statues and flags from the town square … even denouncing […]

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A Slip Of The Lip

  Okay, so Donald Trump has said some pretty cringe worthy things. I want to meet the person who hasn’t … the ‘appropriately shocked’ Hillary Clinton is legendary for her own language, whether attacking her husband, addressing members of the military or deriding her Secret Service detail. Any woman who doesn’t think her own special […]

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Potty Mouth Kids

If the uber-left zealots who produced this moronic video think it’s going to endear these little border rats to the public, they’d better think again. More than an insult to Donald Trump, it is an affront to America and Americans across our country. By the way, did you notice an American flag anywhere in the […]

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The ‘M’ Word

Since the political left likes to describe guys as being ‘misogynistic’ at the drop of an adjective, I though I’d look it up in order to be correct should I bump my head and choose to use this particular buzz word: “Misogyny (/mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/) is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. According to feminist […]

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Changing Heroes

It doesn’t happen all at once, like finding the train set Santa was supposed to bring at the back of your parents’ closet, suddenly realizing the rumors you heard from the older kids were true.  It’s more of a gradual process like understanding that your dad isn’t the strongest man on the block, Superman really […]

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I’m Coming Out

Inspired by the sexual confusion of Bruce, excuse me, Caitlyn Jenner and the recent racial revelation of the White/Black Rachel Dolezal, I have summoned the courage to come out of the closet with my own shocking disclosure.  I’m really a kid!  I’ve lived with this horrible secret since I was ten, when I first came to […]

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Canadian Bacon!

Could you imagine a notice like this being sent to parents in today’s over-the-top, PC America?  One Canadian mayor had the cahones to give interlopers the right answer.  When Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school cafeterias of a Montreal suburb, the mayor of Dorval, refused and had the town clerk […]

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Amok Time

Let’s get the narrative right:  “COP SHOOTS VIOLENT ROBBERY SUSPECT” … not an innocent kid and certainly no choirboy!  Michael Brown was the bad guy here.  Then prosecute Brown’s Father for inciting to riot and hold Sharpie, Holder and Obama to account for fanning the flames in Ferguson.  Finally, disburse crowds more aggressively, begin arresting […]

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Climate 101

Although polls show that climate change is far down the list of concerns for most people, a few diehards persist in bringing it up the same way flat-earthers kept telling Chris Columbus he’d fall off the edge when he said the world was round.  Magellan had proven that fact some years before but, evidently, the […]

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“How” Amigo!

“PC Activists Knock At Sorority’s Door To Complain About Racist Costume” Would somebody please explain why wearing a sombrero, a mariachi outfit or a mustache is “racist”?  ‘Scuze me but I’ve had a mustache since 1972, a beard since 1980 and I can’t speak a word of Spanish lingo, but I’m not a racist.  I […]

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