Says It All

Every thinking American needs to hear this. Tennessee middle school assistant football coach Bryan Glover, age 26, was fired for a song he wrote and performed.  The song, “When You’re Holding a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail” is probably the best effort yet to capture the outrage at the oversteps of our runaway government […]

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Pass The Pigskin

I woke up this morning to a sports headline that read, “Brady Proves Once Again He’s Better Than Manning.”  Is somebody forgetting football is a TEAM sport?  Any team that gets behind 24-0 and gives up more than 200 yards to a single running back needs to be counting their lucky stars if they survive […]

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Let ‘Em Play!

A ‘bully’ used to be some guy who stole your hat on the way home from school or scuffed your new sneakers.  Maybe he’d give you a shove, and usually if you shoved him back, he’d leave you alone … it worked about 9 out of 10 times because most bullies are cowards. On that […]

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That Redskin Thing

Everyone seems to be getting more upset about the Washington Redskins name than the Native-Americans … or is it American-Indians … or Indian-Americans. It’s so confusing! I know it’s not that last group because they came along later, so it has to be one of the first two. What’s ironic is, the people most upset […]

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