Quit While You’re Ahead?

Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton is being advised to skip the last presidential debate.  It would be the final act of panic in her attempt to place the crowning jewel in her plastic tiara!  Maybe Hillary discovered during the second debate that Donald Trump is no pushover and, without a boatload of drugs to control her […]

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More Like A ‘Puddy Tat’ Than A FOX

Watched the Republican presidential debate on CNN last night, then turned to FOX for commentary as usual. What I found was a cast iron b-itch and several unprofessional minions doing a pure Donald Trump hit piece, instead of providing the substantive commentary I used to get once upon a time. From Mayhem Kelly I expected […]

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Iowa: Part of the Plan?

BRILLIANT!  HE’S MAKING A DEAL!  Even as Megyn Kelly is declaring that Trump can’t control the media, he is plucking her strings like Itzhak Perlman playing with the Boston Pops!  The problem for everyone seems to be that The Donald isn’t playing by the rules … not by theirs anyway.  What they don’t understand is […]

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Balancing Disconnect

Several years ago, there was a famous film in which the hero was told, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” That statement may never have been more insightful than it is today, when we look at the disconnect between people, politicians and programs relative to Obamacare. Apart from the debate about whether […]

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