Political Tyranny

The Grand Old Party is rigging their presidential primary race even worse than the Democrats!  Donald Trump is winning with the American People but the election is being stolen in those clichéd smokey back rooms.  They’re dealing for delegates even before the primary voting takes place!  In case you thought your vote — fought and […]

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Iowa: Part of the Plan?

BRILLIANT!  HE’S MAKING A DEAL!  Even as Megyn Kelly is declaring that Trump can’t control the media, he is plucking her strings like Itzhak Perlman playing with the Boston Pops!  The problem for everyone seems to be that The Donald isn’t playing by the rules … not by theirs anyway.  What they don’t understand is […]

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To Change or Not To Change

Let’s be clear. If there is a lasting split in the Republican Party, it is the fault of a leadership that refuses to accept the will of its members. The only presidential elections they’ve won in recent memory are those where they ran a conservative candidate, not a so-called “middle of the roader” … evidence […]

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What You Say

I keep hearing people badmouthing Donald Trump because he gave money to the Democrats or sat Hillary in the front row at his wedding.  As the frumpy old ‘lady’ in the pants suit said, “At this point, what difference does it make?” So far, The Donald is saying and doing all the right things and […]

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