Canadian Bacon!

Could you imagine a notice like this being sent to parents in today’s over-the-top, PC America?  One Canadian mayor had the cahones to give interlopers the right answer.  When Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school cafeterias of a Montreal suburb, the mayor of Dorval, refused and had the town clerk […]

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A Media Christmas

The online ‘teaser’ on the news service read, “Half of US Celebrates Agnostic Christmas.”  I thought, “That doesn’t sound right, even with some of the Godless and unwashed that are gaining influence in the world of Political Incorrectness these days.”  So, I went to the article, which paraded the headline, “Half of America Strips Religion […]

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Upsidedown and Backwards

The capacity of the left to stand things on their head and destroy them is truly amazing … like balancing an egg on end, then smashing it!  The latest mob performing such sleight of hand is the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  They’ve managed to get a nativity scene at a United States Air Force base […]

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It’s About Thanks

When I first got into radio, a veteran of the business warned me that I would meet “every nincompoop, bubblehead and incompetent in the world” there.  He was right … but it’s also where I met some of the nicest people in the world.  I was undeterred by his statement because I had already studied […]

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Atheists? Swear to God!

Have you heard about the big atheist push toward establishing mega churches?  It has become a worldwide movement originating among the British, the most gullible people on earth, who regularly appear to be in need of a movement.  These are huge centers where self-proclaimed atheists can gather to shuck ‘n jive in sort of a […]

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