Back To The Future?

Tuesday’s election is more than choosing between two people, it’s choosing between two different ways of life for ourselves, our children, and their children. Not only will the outcome affect the Supreme Court but thousands of other appointed judgeships from sea to shining sea. Do we want to be a soft dictatorship, with few rights, […]

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Quit While You’re Ahead?

Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton is being advised to skip the last presidential debate.  It would be the final act of panic in her attempt to place the crowning jewel in her plastic tiara!  Maybe Hillary discovered during the second debate that Donald Trump is no pushover and, without a boatload of drugs to control her […]

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A Slip Of The Lip

  Okay, so Donald Trump has said some pretty cringe worthy things. I want to meet the person who hasn’t … the ‘appropriately shocked’ Hillary Clinton is legendary for her own language, whether attacking her husband, addressing members of the military or deriding her Secret Service detail. Any woman who doesn’t think her own special […]

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Not What They Seem

I’ve stopped listening to anything either Ted Cruz or John Kasich are saying anymore. I’m looking only at their behavior and if I hadn’t been for Trump from the beginning, I’d have been driven to support him by now. I can’t believe there are still people who don’t recognize the overwhelming lack of integrity, absence […]

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Political Tyranny

The Grand Old Party is rigging their presidential primary race even worse than the Democrats!  Donald Trump is winning with the American People but the election is being stolen in those clichéd smokey back rooms.  They’re dealing for delegates even before the primary voting takes place!  In case you thought your vote — fought and […]

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More Like A ‘Puddy Tat’ Than A FOX

Watched the Republican presidential debate on CNN last night, then turned to FOX for commentary as usual. What I found was a cast iron b-itch and several unprofessional minions doing a pure Donald Trump hit piece, instead of providing the substantive commentary I used to get once upon a time. From Mayhem Kelly I expected […]

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One For The Team

Marco Rubio is the poor soul the coach sends up to bat to take one on the noggin because the team needs a base runner and the kid can’t hit anyway.  Rubio is on a suicide mission, make no mistake about it.  His acceptance of the GOP attack dog roll against Donald Trump will certainly […]

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FOX Signals Left Turn

The headline today reads, “FOX News Forum May Signal Thaw Between Democrats and Network.”  I suppose this makes the FOX’s hard turn to the Left official.  It leaves Conservatives with no representation on television and places it on a par with CNN and MSLSD. It was the obvious decision for any media outlet seeking smaller […]

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First Real Black President?

The latest coordinated attack by CNN, Politico and the major media outlets upon Dr. Ben Carson is certain not to be the last.  First let me categorically state the current controversy about his going or not going to West Point is no more than a fabricated hit piece designed to assassinate the character of the […]

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Potty Mouth Kids

If the uber-left zealots who produced this moronic video think it’s going to endear these little border rats to the public, they’d better think again. More than an insult to Donald Trump, it is an affront to America and Americans across our country. By the way, did you notice an American flag anywhere in the […]

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