Objects May Appear Larger

Ant MagfdWhen initially taking office, most U.S. Presidents historically receive what has been referred to as a honeymoon period that usually lasts at least a couple of months.  In President Trump’s case, it was more like “wham, bam, thank you man” … no honeymoon, not even foreplay, just a pure, raw bumping of uglies right from the start!

The Democrats not only have a problem accepting their defeat in November, they can’t even admit to themselves the reasons they lost.  Instead of channelling their energies into rebuilding their decimated party, they have focused on discrediting the new president and trying to block his administration from achieving the goals for which the voters gave him a mandate … even bringing down The President himself, if possible.  So far, with help from a compliant media, and a few extremely wealthy donors on the left, progressive Democrats have been able to make a very small minority look as though they represent some kind of majority.  It’s sort of like looking at an ant with a magnifying glass, and equally as deceptive.

What they seem to ignore with their violent and vocal onslaughts is that, for more than a year, thousands of people turned out for Trump rallies in record numbers — braving heat, sleet, snow, verbal abuse and sometimes even physical attacks — just to be a part of his historic campaign.  With overwhelming support they made him their candidate, then in November, with an electoral landslide, made him our President!

President Trump has, in a matter of weeks, accomplished more for America and fulfilled more campaign promises than most presidents in six months … and in the case of his predecessor, more than was achieved in EIGHT years!  Is there any reason to believe, as progressive Democrats and their minions would have you believe, that all those supporters are suddenly dissatisfied and changing their minds about their presidential selection?  Many are upset with a congress that is getting cold feet about immigration restrictions, repealing the Unaffordable Care Act and implementing tax reform … furious with Democrat hacks who are engaged in outright obstruction, trying to prevent an historically smooth transition of power and the rightful formation of a new government. As for all the noise, what we mostly hear are bought and paid for agitators.   Make no mistake, voting Americans are more solidly behind our President than ever.

It’s really pretty simple:  Those on the left didn’t take Mr. Trump seriously.  They painted him as some sort of buffoon and created a false caricature that they could hold up to the public … then they fell for it themselves!  They didn’t think he could win, didn’t listen to what he was saying, didn’t understand the changes the American people were demanding, and perceived that THEY were the mainstream  of thought, the center of the universe.  Now that President Trump is in the Oval Office and keeping his word, they are SURPRISED to see what is happening … now they are imploding, because the progressive left still has nothing new to offer, nothing but the same old anarchy and national decline.  Now We The People want more and it’s a movement much bigger than even President Trump himself, and he acknowledges that reality!

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