Media Fantasy

media-childrenAt this point, I’m getting a YUUGE kick out of watching the media rush from one end of the planet to another trying to keep up with President-Elect Trump and bellyaching about having to do it! After treating him like something you’d scrape off your shoe for more than a year, do they really expect some kind of consideration? In fact, these pitiful sots are still at it, tossing everything at him but the upstairs commode! What do they think he is, a politician or something?

Even funnier is the campaign in chaos routine. I wish someone would inform the press and pundits that the campaign is over and what they are witnessing is the formation of a new, ‘action-packed’ government unlike the typical old-boy Washington model. This one will work in practice and serve The People … not the lobbyists, big buck contributors, or the politicos’ own self-interest.

As for folks leaving his organization, bear in mind the new President is very particular in his hiring practices and exacting in his expectations for performance. No less will be demanded of those in his new administration than those in current Trump corporate entities, where only the best of the best are retained!

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