Back To The Future?

foundersTuesday’s election is more than choosing between two people, it’s choosing between two different ways of life for ourselves, our children, and their children. Not only will the outcome affect the Supreme Court but thousands of other appointed judgeships from sea to shining sea. Do we want to be a soft dictatorship, with few rights, high taxes, limited opportunity and a bloated government making decisions for us and running our everyday lives … or a free constitutional republic, with individual liberty, a small government, keeping more of what we earn and the right to make our own decisions about how and where we live and who we are? Clinton’s appointments will tilt our courts to the left and produce the former; Trump’s appointment of Conservative judges assures the latter.
Hillary Clinton’s global society, with no borders and open trade will keep us on the same path of stagnation and chaos we see in the failing nations of Europe and create a wholly dependent society. Donald Trump’s vision for change will return us to the kind of personal opportunity and prosperous America our founding fathers envisioned when they designed a free and independent nation, unique in the history of mankind … a kind of back to the future. This election is NOT ABOUT OBAMA’S LEGACY, it’s about OURS!

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