Media Fantasy

At this point, I’m getting a YUUGE kick out of watching the media rush from one end of the planet to another trying to keep up with President-Elect Trump and bellyaching about having to do it! After treating him like something you’d scrape off your shoe for more than a year, do they really expect […]

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Back To The Future?

Tuesday’s election is more than choosing between two people, it’s choosing between two different ways of life for ourselves, our children, and their children. Not only will the outcome affect the Supreme Court but thousands of other appointed judgeships from sea to shining sea. Do we want to be a soft dictatorship, with few rights, […]

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Not Trump

Funny thing about all the Democrat attempts at condemning Donald Trump: He never raised our taxes, cost American lives, voted for a war, presided over a surrender, sponsored a wasteful stimulus, got our national credit rating lowered, embraced our enemies, insulted our allies, infringed our free speech, religious liberty or 2nd Amendment rights. He never […]

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