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puzzlethemissingpiece-postI keep hearing about “experience” being such an important factor in the election. First of all, nobody entering the presidency has experience … not unless they’ve done it before and, with a two term limit, they haven’t. Secondly, while Donald Trump’s experience built a large, successful business empire, Hillary’s foreign relations experience gave rise to most of the problems we have with The Middle East and Russia. She, also, clearly understands very little about how business or economics work in the private sector. Experience can be valuable all right, but only if it’s GOOD experience!

So far, as voters, we have talked out of both sides of our mouths, much like the politicians we keep electing … one standard for discussion and another when we actually cast our ballots. We keep saying we want an outsider, someone with the experience to fix the economy and get America growing again … but in the previous two elections we have opted for a “business as usual” politician and rejected the outsider, ostensibly because of a lack of “experience” in government.  Really?  So into the porcelain fixture we go, yet again, with one hand on the flusher and the other clutching our noses!  Maybe it’s time we began voting with our heads instead of our fears about the “change” we say we want.

Trump is being measured against the standards of a politician.  It’s the wrong standard … like measuring a football field with a stick graduated in meters instead of yards.  You’re going to come up short!  What if you asked Hillary, or any other politician to build a skyscraper or operate a casino, how do you suppose they would do?  Off Track Betting in New York should give you some idea: They were probably the first legal gambling operation on earth to go broke!  Isn’t it about time we started using an independent-outsider stick to measure The Donald’s worth rather than the insider stick graduated with a ‘more-of-the-same’ scale?  Trump has the proven gift of surrounding himself with exactly the right people to do the job and tolerates no incompetence.  Hillary’s choices, on the other hand, and how they have advised her speak for themselves. If we’re seeing “the high road” from the Democrats, with their daily diatribe of personal accusations instead of offering substantive programs, I’d hate to see what “the low road” looks like!

America is broken. We need jobs, economic stability and growth. We also need law and order and safety at home, respect from our allies and fear from our enemies abroad. We need a leader who is responsible to us, not to special interests and secret global arrangements. We need someone with experience in areas that serve The People and the nation, as opposed to the inner-workings of a Washington elite. Donald Trump meets those criteria. I remember Herman Cain’s answer in 2012 when asked about his knowledge of how government works in Washington and he replied, “It doesn’t.” That hasn’t changed and our present state of chaos and corruption testifies to it. America needs to be fixed.  If you had a pipe that was about to burst, do you suppose you would call a politician or might a plumber make more sense?  Think.


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