Quit While You’re Ahead?

crazy-hillary-1Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton is being advised to skip the last presidential debate.  It would be the final act of panic in her attempt to place the crowning jewel in her plastic tiara!  Maybe Hillary discovered during the second debate that Donald Trump is no pushover and, without a boatload of drugs to control her debilitating medical conditions, she wouldn’t last twenty minutes on her feet.  In fact, according to one Wikileaks eMail, she has been having to cling to a podium to remain vertical since at least 2009!

Typical of the Clinton politics of personal destruction, she plunged the campaign straight into the gutter, and suddenly it’s backfiring. The media has been covering for her up to now by practically ignoring the many devastating Wikileaks revelations, which she can’t afford to have ‘The Donald’ parade in front of a national audience before the election.   Then there are her phony [Bill-like] groping accusations toward him which are crumbling one-by-one and the withering firepower of Trump himself.  Add to this his call for drug testing, her inability to win on the issues, and Hillary, along with her lame excuses, is toddling toward the nearest safe space!

If she bails out, Clinton will clearly be trying to avoid confrontation with a more conservative moderator like Chris Wallace and having to respond to questions she dare not address in front of the public. If she is not adequately medicated and has to face ninety minutes of the YUUGE number of arrows Mr. Trump now has in his quiver, which could easily pierce her tissue of lies, deceit, and disdain for a wide segment of the American people, her chances of ruling our nation from the White House could finally be ended once and for all!

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