A Slip Of The Lip


Okay, so Donald Trump has said some pretty cringe worthy things. I want to meet the person who hasn’t … the ‘appropriately shocked’ Hillary Clinton is legendary for her own language, whether attacking her husband, addressing members of the military or deriding her Secret Service detail. Any woman who doesn’t think her own special heart-throb hasn’t engaged in this kind of conversation either still believes you find babies under cabbage leaves or is spending her life with some character who suffers from low testosterone, exfoliates his chest hairs and spends half his life looking for a ‘safe space’. It’s not disrespect. It’s guys! We think with our glands!

There is a YUUGE difference between talk and action. Trump has talked. He has not committed predatory acts of abuse like Bill Clinton or tried to cover them up by destroying the lives of victims like Hillary. He has also never raised our taxes, voted for a war, cost American lives, lied to families of the fallen, mishandled national security information, sold political influence to our adversaries, transferred twenty percent of American uranium deposits to the Russians or negotiated a disastrous Iranian agreement that virtually guarantees them nuclear capability. Neither has Trump plunged The Middle East into turmoil, helped give birth to the likes of ISIS, brushed aside the fact we are at war, or refused to even say the name of our enemy … Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Trump does not want open trade and open borders, is not in favor of a global society, does not want to turn American sovereignty over to the United Nations, will not import 500% more foreign invaders, will not ignore the U.S. Constitution, bypass Congress, take our 2nd Amendment rights away by executive order or curtail free speech.

What he will do is appoint Conservative judges to the Supreme Court and thousands of judgeships across the country, use his vast business experience to restore jobs and our economy, renew respect for our nation in the world, rebuild our infrastructure, restore our inner cities, put a halt to the Judeo-Christian erosion that has been occurring over the past several years, improve our educational and healthcare systems, restore law and order, and put an end to the epidemic of political correctness that has been eroding freedoms in America. Trump has a perspective for our nation above self, and will institute programs that will provide opportunity, keep us safe, keep us free and make America great again! Hillary does not.

It’s really pretty simple. Candidates aside, on November 8th we will vote either to be a nation of free individuals, making our own choices, responsible for our own lives … or a global collective, governed by a ruling class, dependent upon their authority to make our choices and dictate every aspect of our lives.

Are Donald Trump’s remarks of more than a decade ago okay? No. Are they unusual, particularly for a guy, but let’s not leave out the ladies? No … it’s everyday locker room banter. In fact, I have a feeling those acting most horrified are the ones with the most skeletons in the biggest closets! On the other hand, what a terrific opportunity for insiders dragged kicking and screaming to support an outsider in the first place, to finally bail out … just look who is running fastest for the hills leaving their candidate twisting in the wind.

I am reminded of a Woody Allen statement, “I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.” If Americans are willing to let the most important election of our lifetime turn on an occasional casual comment, by a patriotic truth teller who doesn’t politically filter every utterance … thus allowing the coronation of a woman who says she needs one public persona and one private; a woman whose criminal actions have long since blurred the line between right and wrong, honesty and falsehood … then I’m ready to turn in my membership card and sit in a dark room with my tattered flag, because America has already slipped into the abyss.


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