Trump Lawsuits Exposed

Hillary Clinton has charged that Donald Trump doesn’t pay his employees, doesn’t pay his bills and is being sued by all sorts of disgruntled clients and contractors for ripping them off.  Once and for all, let’s look at his record and tear through this tissue of Democrat lies.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Trump has been involved with 3,500 lawsuits, which break down as follows:

  • 1,900 he was the plaintiff
  • 1,450 he was the defendant
  • 150 were bankruptcy or third party lawsuits
  • 451 Trump won
  • 38 Trump lost
  • 500 suits were dismissed
  • 175 were settled

Not a bad average for a reprobate … if he were playing baseball instead of building skyscrapers, Trump would be Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig all rolled into one!   Looking at the nature of these actions only 60, or about 1.7 lawsuits per year, were not because he was ‘stiffing’ anyone but because work that he had contracted for was either done poorly or not completed.  When I built our home (55 different sub-contractors – can’t imagine how many for a 100 story building), I didn’t pay for shoddy or incomplete work either … so sue me!

About half, or 1700, were ‘ordinary American’ lawsuits.  Most had to do with Mr. Trump’s casinos where either patrons didn’t pay their debts and collection actions were necessary, or ‘slip and fall’ type cases where someone may have skated on a wet floor or perhaps had a hand nipped by a hungry elevator door.

By the way, as for his four highly touted bankruptcies:  The average business fails an average of 3 to 4 times before, if ever, achieving success.  Given his many hundreds of businesses, and possibly thousands of deals, four is an astonishingly low number.  That either makes Donald Trump a bonafide genius or a mighty lucky man … or maybe some of each.

So the next time you hear Hillary Clinton, the media or any other Democrat operative bad mouthing Mr. Trump’s business acumen, remember to do a little digging.  There is usually the story you heard and then there is the truth!


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