A Question of Values

valuesIt was most interesting to spend a few hours of sanity, watching the grace and elegance of the Nancy Reagan funeral … to spend a few hours back in America! It stood in stark contrast to the ‘hallelujah anointing’ of Ted Cruz as president by the Holy Ghost and the paid violence by the great unwashed in Chicago at the Trump rally. It also contrasted sharply with the following Neil Cavuto show, which picked right up on FOX’s Trash Trump Campaign where Mayhem Kelly and company left off when I last mistakenly tried to watch the station.

Cavuto opened with the verbal emissions of some young punk named Ron Meyer, purportedly from The Washington Examiner, who didn’t look old enough to even have an opinion, let alone spew it to an audience. He needs to pay more attention to healing that big cut under his nose, rather than picking it open in public. I’m sick and tired of hearing people like Obama, Clinton or this little puke telling me what ‘our’ values are or aren’t. I can promise you this kid does not have values shared by most Americans or even have an inkling of what they might be.

The amazing thing to me is how all of these Trash Trump Guys just don’t get it … the more you falsely attack the man, the more you cement the bond with his supporters. Critics wonder what the big attraction is? Simple. Trump reflects the anger, fears and concerns of most Americans … what they feel, what they think, and what they have been brow-beaten into not expressing publicly.

What do folks want? What are ‘our’ values? Refer to the Nancy Reagan funeral and the profound utterances of the man she loved so dearly. Then realize that a great number of people believe that an avenger like Donald Trump may be the fastest way back to the real America!  As for FOX … I really can’t abide their new leftist mantle anymore and I’m guessing there are plenty of people who feel the same way.  I think they’d better look at some old broadcast tapes before it’s too late.

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