More Like A ‘Puddy Tat’ Than A FOX

Watched the Republican presidential debate on CNN last night, then turned to FOX for commentary as usual. What I found was a cast iron b-itch and several unprofessional minions doing a pure Donald Trump hit piece, instead of providing the substantive commentary I used to get once upon a time. From Mayhem Kelly I expected as much but the snickering chortling Bret Baier, whom I once respected as an honest dependable news man, and Chris Stierwalt who’s opinion I always valued, were beyond disappointing.
I’m not sure what FOX is trying to do but they have finally succeeded in becoming just another station in the basement of Mainstream Media. CNN seems to be smart enough to recognize this decline and is making and effort to fill the void. The last two debates they offered were the best of the 12. Last night the questions were good, the narrative fair and the debate was kept under control. I know that because after trying to watch FOX a couple of times, without throwing a solid object through my television screen, I turned back to CNN where they were providing balanced opinion and actual information about the race for the White House.
RIP FOX! It was nice while it lasted.

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