Too True To Be Funny

The next time you hear a politician use the word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money.   A billion is a difficult number to comprehend … but one advertising agency did a good job of Putting that figure into some perspective: A billion seconds ago it […]

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Iowa: Part of the Plan?

BRILLIANT!  HE’S MAKING A DEAL!  Even as Megyn Kelly is declaring that Trump can’t control the media, he is plucking her strings like Itzhak Perlman playing with the Boston Pops!  The problem for everyone seems to be that The Donald isn’t playing by the rules … not by theirs anyway.  What they don’t understand is […]

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Trump: The Snake

At a recent rally in Florida, Donald Trump pulled some song lyrics out of his pocket.  He read them as a warning, providing perspective on the Iranians and so-called immigrants that are currently overrunning Europe … with the ultimate goal of invading America and its eventual destruction as we know it. The same could be […]

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To Change or Not To Change

Let’s be clear. If there is a lasting split in the Republican Party, it is the fault of a leadership that refuses to accept the will of its members. The only presidential elections they’ve won in recent memory are those where they ran a conservative candidate, not a so-called “middle of the roader” … evidence […]

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