First Real Black President?

The latest coordinated attack by CNN, Politico and the major media outlets upon Dr. Ben Carson is certain not to be the last.  First let me categorically state the current controversy about his going or not going to West Point is no more than a fabricated hit piece designed to assassinate the character of the man many polls now show as the GOP front runner.  In some head-to-head polling he is at least tied with or as many as 6 points ahead of [the Dems’ sacred cow] Hillary Clinton as well.  If you wonder how I can be so sure just listen to the man, read his book “Gifted Hands,” see the movie of the same name, and do some research as I did.  Otherwise, remain in the ranks of the un-informed, under-informed and mis-informed.  In other words, the duped.

It’s interesting to note that Politico is the same internet tabloid that launched the smear campaign which sank Herman Cain in 2011.  Are they now trying for two Black scalps for their ‘might be president’ collection?  If I was of the Left, I might actually cry “Racism!”

Recently it occurred to me the left may not just be gunning for an opposition front runner, but are afraid that Dr. Benjamin Carson will replace the bi-racial icon they carefully created and become the first REAL Black president.  Imagine history recording a Conservative in that role!  Back in 2008, I recall many African-American groups wondering whether Barack Hussein Obama was “Black enough,” given his growing up in a world of privilege, raised by White grandparents, and never having been “down for the struggle.”  On the other hand, Dr. Carson is the American success story, a role model for inner city youth.  He is a product of hard times who lifted himself to greatness, whereas Obama is more Black by choice than by genetics.

I haven’t heard this proposition anywhere else, which means I’m either the first or the farthest out. However, knowing how Democrats, Progressives and Liberals think, anything is possible … and when dealing in the world of make believe, the sky is the limit!

Carson-Obama Compared


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