Sports Lingo

NBC-Peacock-FB Once upon a time, NBC TV offered unparalleled coverage of just about every sport worth watching.  So what happened since they acquired broadcast rights to NASCAR?  For more than five weeks I’ve listened to their hapless announcers use incorrect or inappropriate language to describe various elements of NASCAR, confident each week that someone at the network would correct their terminology but, alas, it has become worse!

First, they began calling the Chase for the Sprint Cup “The Playoffs.”  That’s CHASE!  NASCAR doesn’t have a playoff.  That’s like calling The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and The Belmont “The Playoffs for The Triple Crown.”  These are races, not games.  They are two different things, kind of like square pegs and round holes.

Next,  I heard this intrepid little trio refer to the race itself as a “game” and to the driver clinging to the wheel, careening along at 200 MPH, as “the player!”  I’m beginning to wonder if, soon, NBC will be telling us about birdies on the 9th goal, baseballs hit into the left field seats for a touchdown or 60 yard runs for a basket!  If FOX can get it right — and they do — I’m certain that, with a little more focus, NBC Sports pronouncers can master NASCAR jargon, too.

Descriptions of  “The U.S. Tennis Cup” or “The Stanley Open” really don’t interest me. Somehow, they simply don’t compute!

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