Sports Lingo

Once upon a time, NBC TV offered unparalleled coverage of just about every sport worth watching.  So what happened since they acquired broadcast rights to NASCAR?  For more than five weeks I’ve listened to their hapless announcers use incorrect or inappropriate language to describe various elements of NASCAR, confident each week that someone at the […]

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Uninformed or Just Stupid?

Let me get this straight.  The Democrats are running an unindicted felon who endangered national security and cost American lives, an avowed socialist who people like only because he’s not the felon and, potentially, a crazy old uncle you keep in the attic so he doesn’t embarrass you in front of company.  All are geriatrics […]

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Fall From Grace

Watching your country pushed into 2nd or 3rd rate world status is like watching a child tumble down the stairs and you’re just out of reach, unable to stop the fall!  It all begins with a flawed ideology and ends with a pathetic lack of leadership.  Of course, it’s important to remember that Iran is […]

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