Amok Time

Let’s get the narrative right:  “COP SHOOTS VIOLENT ROBBERY SUSPECT” … not an innocent kid and certainly no choirboy!  Michael Brown was the bad guy here.  Then prosecute Brown’s Father for inciting to riot and hold Sharpie, Holder and Obama to account for fanning the flames in Ferguson.  Finally, disburse crowds more aggressively, begin arresting […]

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Climate 101

Although polls show that climate change is far down the list of concerns for most people, a few diehards persist in bringing it up the same way flat-earthers kept telling Chris Columbus he’d fall off the edge when he said the world was round.  Magellan had proven that fact some years before but, evidently, the […]

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Good For You, Bad For You

There are two things you don’t do in this life, except at your own peril:  Look into the kitchen of even the finest restaurant or read the ‘research’ published about most common food items.  The nutritional label is important if you have food allergies or must restrict intake of one thing or another, otherwise, you’re […]

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