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“PC Activists Knock At Sorority’s Door To Complain About Racist Costume”

Sorority-PCWould somebody please explain why wearing a sombrero, a mariachi outfit or a mustache is “racist”?  ‘Scuze me but I’ve had a mustache since 1972, a beard since 1980 and I can’t speak a word of Spanish lingo, but I’m not a racist.  I push “1” to get English in my own country, endure foreign subtitles on signs at my local stores, struggle through unnecessarily tedious conversations because someone who won’t respect my laws or salute my flag is committing butchery upon my language [and getting mad at ME when I don’t understand him] … the whole nine yards!  Exactly who gave the folks south of the border a lock on facial hair, anyway?

I’d also like to know why naming a major sports franchise or dressing like one ethnicity or another is considered an insult rather than a celebration of that culture.  If we’re going to continue playing that stupid game, let’s just declare that every non-White wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, a western hat, tennis shoes or a business suit is a racist.  Add them to the list … especially if they don’t speak perfect American!  Remember that “racist” works both ways, regardless of where the complainant hails from.

Have we become a country where the proverbial glass is mostly half full or is it perpetually half empty … or have we, in fact, finally broken the glass altogether?

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