Is It FOX or Me?

fox-news-the-fiveIs FOX taking a slow, butt-covering turn to the left or is it my imagination?  Most recently, they fired Judge Andrew Napolitano simply for truthfully telling it like it is.  Ironically, a portion of his presentation touched on Americans losing the right of free speech.

Recently, I’ve heard that FOX’s ratings have been falling.  I’d like to see some reliable documentation … but IF certain shows are suffering in the ratings which, overall, are still double the viewership of their two cable competitors combined, it’s because they’re beginning to overexpose more left wing hard liners … and hosts are letting these blithering nutcases get away, unchallenged, with spewing their baseless bumper sticker slogans.

Half the time Ted O’Baxter doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Megyn Kelly has transitioned from a disarming girl next door into a pre-programmed publicity hound, and Sean Hannity is so full of himself that his cup runneth over … and over, and over!  Watching CNN, MSLSD or any of the so-called ‘big three’ broadcast networks is like consulting with the Kremlin, Saul Alinsky or Raoul Castro!  So where does that leave a Conservative, with the only relatively balanced TV outlet fading into the sunset?

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives,” as we watch the world catch fire, the country crumble [into an equal level of misery for all] and search for a few honest men who can fix the wiring that is methodically being ripped out one functional circuit after another.

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