Chrome A Bit Tarnished

For the horse’s sake, it’s unfortunate that California Chrome didn’t win the Triple Crown … but it appears the owners got exactly what they deserved.  Co-owner Steve Coburn may be the biggest horse’s patute in all of sport; he is definitely the rudest, crudest, nastiest individual I’ve seen on TV, since Bill Mahr.  I wonder […]

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70 Years After

“Hero” is an overworked word that seems so easily applied to everyone from some guy in blue tights and red cape to a millionaire hitting a baseball into the stands on Sunday afternoon.   On this day we commemorate TRUE heroes, as they eternally watch over a small piece of real estate for which they […]

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What Fair?

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing political know-nothings talk about level playing fields and fair shares.  Whatever social, political or economic philosophy you subscribe to, everyone is never going to be equal … not once the sperm hits the egg.  A level playing field is a great place to grow grass and life is, by […]

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