Initially Speaking

Bele_and_LokaiIf I were a visitor to Earth from a distant planet I would probably need a magic decoder ring to know what anyone was talking about, not because I don’t know the language but because I don’t understand all the initials!  References to “the N-word” are spread over the news media as thickly as “the F-word” is plastered across printed pages … “the T-word” has become a symbol of malenss along with trusty old “Ed”, whoever he is!  Maybe he’s the guy sitting in the second bathtub who goes to “See Alice.”  I guess I’m just not ‘PC’d” enough.

By now the left has pretty much neutralized the impact of calling those who disagree with them “racist”, so the term “N-word” is beginning to get a more vigorous workout than ever.  Personally, I don’t see the difference between saying the actual word or just using the ‘correct’ letter.  If everyone knows what you mean — and they do — is it any more subtle?  Is it any less hurtful?  If you’re not going to say exactly what you mean, maybe it’s best not to say anything at all!

The funny thing is, when I was a kid if you called someone black they’d punch you in the pie hole.  It was considered an insult.  The ‘correct’ word was Negro … and most people of color (various shades of black, brown and beige) thought of themselves as Colored.  Me? I’m a person of color.  The Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Dough Boy are white.  I’m PINK.

The bottom line is (I’m a bottom line guy) that all of us had better develop a little thicker skin and stop worrying about what some street-corner activist says is the proper hue du jour!  Either that, or all Americans had better prepare to remain indefinitely divided … to be political pawns and ideological playthings for the self-appointed power seekers, that have put down their protest signs and dressed up in suits in a desperate attempt to look respectable!‬

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