Keeping Score

Everything I see and hear about the Olympics seems to be centered around the medal count.  At one point, Putin was practically buying train tickets to Siberia for the Russian hockey team and most of the U.S. media are lamenting how American athletes have been disappointing this year in their medal “haul” … particularly gold. […]

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Says It All

Every thinking American needs to hear this. Tennessee middle school assistant football coach Bryan Glover, age 26, was fired for a song he wrote and performed.  The song, “When You’re Holding a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail” is probably the best effort yet to capture the outrage at the oversteps of our runaway government […]

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Red Carpet Has Stains

So far, Russia continues to be a living testimonial to the inefficiencies of a socialist dictatorship.  Don’t give me any of that ‘presidential’ stuff.  The guy who booked Sochi for The Olympics has to be the same one that booked NJ’s Met-Life Stadium in the middle of winter for the Superbowl … and both felt […]

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