State Of The Realm

obama-crown1Tonight the prez pops out to tell Congress what size shadow he sees … kind of a takeoff on Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil.  Everyone is trying to guess what he’ll be talking about but as Hillary would say, “What difference does it make?”  You can’t believe any of it and the coming year is likely to bring something entirely different anyway.

One of the things I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t cover is income inequality and how he’ll “level the playing field” with or without Congress … although if I were he, I wouldn’t offer it up in the form of a threat given who he is addressing.  However, it’s a great diversion from the realities of Obamacare, Benghazi, the disappearance of Constitutional rights and other real issues.

The fact is, equal opportunity is already guaranteed and it is impossible to legislate equal outcome.  Given differences in intelligence, ambition and all the characteristics that make each of us an individual, no matter how much he dumbs-down the population, some people will naturally excel while others fall by the wayside.  Besides, I don’t see him or his buddies giving up their wealth to join the rest of us living in cardboard boxes on the sidewalk.

Also, the minimum wage will probably come in there somewhere and discussion of a “living wage.”  What the Left seems not to get or chooses to ignore, is that a minimum wage job is supposed to be an entry level position from which a person moves up as skills and experience develop … not a permanent affair in which a person is cast for all of his or her life … not in America, up to now.  It’s sort of like the rich thing, where those of the statist mentality treat wealth as if there were only so much of it; if the rich guy has it, the poor guy doesn’t.  The government should know things don’t work that way better than anyone … they can counterfeit as much money as they need, endlessly!

By tomorrow we’ll know what new promises have been made that will be broken and which old ones have been re-promised to his shrinking base of believers. The speculation will be over and, hopefully, we’ll have a little better idea of when to duck!


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