Peace, Or Something Like It

BamaPeaceIt’s difficult to look at the deal in the works right now with Iran and not hear the tapping of Neville Chamberlain’s cane.  It seems that some people are incapable of learning from history.  Instead, they choose to ignore those lessons and repeat the mistakes, believing things will turn out differently this time.  Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

The treaty the president is so eager to sign does nothing more than buy more time for Iran to complete their nuclear journey, on a road they have been traveling since around the turn of the millennium … a road that could easily lead to the annihilation of Israel and an out-of-control nuclear arms race in The Middle East.  By the way, even a ‘toothless’ agreement would also serve as a convenient diversion from the Obamacare woes that have plagued the headlines in recent weeks.

I believe the POTUS is desperate for anything that looks like some kind of success … and is scampering around ready to make even bad deals, just to do something!  Now Syria is also in his sights, as he fritters away any leverage America might have had in a real negotiation.  To our enemies it is weakness … to our friends, desertion.

Through the centuries, how many treaties have been dismissed as merely “a scrap of paper?”  To expect the Iranians, or any other group of terroristic ideologues to actually honor an agreement, is like expecting a spoiled kid to stop screaming in the middle of the candy aisle.  Unlike Chamberlain’s appeasement of Germany, this half-measure probably won’t lead to a World War but it will make the Middle East an even more volatile powder keg … and a bad deal still does not count as achievement!

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