Too True To Be Funny

Dollar-SignThe next time you hear a politician use the word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money.   A billion is a difficult number to comprehend … but one advertising agency did a good job of Putting that figure into some perspective:

  • A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
  • A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
  • A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.
  • A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.
  • A billion dollars ago … was only 8 hours and 20 minutes ago at the current rate our government is spending our money.

If you put enough billions together, you come up with some pretty serious bucks.  Think about it!

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Iowa: Part of the Plan?!  HE’S MAKING A DEAL!  Even as Megyn Kelly is declaring that Trump can’t control the media, he is plucking her strings like Itzhak Perlman playing with the Boston Pops!  The problem for everyone seems to be that The Donald isn’t playing by the rules … not by theirs anyway.  What they don’t understand is that, unlike the stereotypical politician, his deals are not forged in those smoke-filled back rooms we’ve always heard about.  They are accomplished on a grander scale and are far more subtle.

Anyone that has read his book The Art of the Deal should be able to see what is going on here, simply by recalling a few very basic rules like “be willing to walk away” and “deal only from a position of strength.”

I believe:

  1.  He has made nearly all news coverage about Donald Trump, not about the debate.  He is dominating the media and [as they like to say] is sucking all the air out of the room from the other candidates.
  2. When Mr. Trump is part of the debate, spot rates go as high as $750 thousand a minute.  Without him, the network might be able to get $150 thousand … not to mention diminished viewership which is tied directly to revenue.  On the other hand if he participates, with all the increased interest, the number of viewers could reach 26 million this time!
  3. He is building a position of strength from which he can better negotiate terms for his appearance, in order to better assure the hot stove that tried to burn him at the first FOX fiasco doesn’t try to singe him again.  If a child touched a hot stove and burned his hand once, then came back the next day and touched it again, wouldn’t you figure the kid is kind of stupid?  The Donald understands hot!
  4. By setting the conditions for his appearance, he is changing the rules of the game and stacking the odds in his favor.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that could be done on behalf of The People when having to push legislation past Pelosi or Schumer … or on behalf of America when confronting Putin or the Ayatollah?

Let us, also, remember that the RNC dropped NBC from the debate schedule when they didn’t like the handling of debates over there.  Yes the move is risky if Mr. Trump doesn’t show up, because the empty podium offers no one to defend him against the cheap shots that, no doubt, be taken Thursday night by both moderators and candidates alike.  But if this larger-than-life figure can negotiate an appearance on his terms, he will become even larger than larger-than-life.

Personally I think he is taking a carefully calculated risk but he will, ultimately, be present whether or not he shows up in person.  As for the people of Iowa, he has invested a huge amount of quality time directly with them and, when all is said and done, this is really just one of too many debates. I believe they will know this is not about them and that, for certain, with this candidate they will not be getting politics as usual!

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Trump: The Snake

At a recent rally in Florida, Donald Trump pulled some song lyrics out of his pocket.  He read them as a warning, providing perspective on the Iranians and so-called immigrants that are currently overrunning Europe … with the ultimate goal of invading America and its eventual destruction as we know it.

The same could be said about many of the elements stampeding across our southern border.  We have no idea who any of these people are and everything is not always what it seems.  The song was popularized in the 1960’s by singer Al Wilson, and it is called THE SNAKE …

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To Change or Not To Change

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.02.05 AMLet’s be clear. If there is a lasting split in the Republican Party, it is the fault of a leadership that refuses to accept the will of its members. The only presidential elections they’ve won in recent memory are those where they ran a conservative candidate, not a so-called “middle of the roader” … evidence the losses in 2008 and 2012.

Today’s mainstream Republican Party, in many ways, is one with the Democrats and both are insensitive to the wants and needs of We The People. The Republican landslides of 2010 and 2014 were mandates to halt the destruction of our country, not to “work together” with “the other side”, which has become 180 degrees opposed to our founding principles, individual freedom and the free market economy.

Now, more than ever, we need a leader who will stop the slide, repair the damage and return America to Americans … not simply another self-serving, sellout politician! If current party leadership continues on its present course, it could easily religate itself to permanent obscurity and few would shed a tear.

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First Real Black President?

The latest coordinated attack by CNN, Politico and the major media outlets upon Dr. Ben Carson is certain not to be the last.  First let me categorically state the current controversy about his going or not going to West Point is no more than a fabricated hit piece designed to assassinate the character of the man many polls now show as the GOP front runner.  In some head-to-head polling he is at least tied with or as many as 6 points ahead of [the Dems’ sacred cow] Hillary Clinton as well.  If you wonder how I can be so sure just listen to the man, read his book “Gifted Hands,” see the movie of the same name, and do some research as I did.  Otherwise, remain in the ranks of the un-informed, under-informed and mis-informed.  In other words, the duped.

It’s interesting to note that Politico is the same internet tabloid that launched the smear campaign which sank Herman Cain in 2011.  Are they now trying for two Black scalps for their ‘might be president’ collection?  If I was of the Left, I might actually cry “Racism!”

Recently it occurred to me the left may not just be gunning for an opposition front runner, but are afraid that Dr. Benjamin Carson will replace the bi-racial icon they carefully created and become the first REAL Black president.  Imagine history recording a Conservative in that role!  Back in 2008, I recall many African-American groups wondering whether Barack Hussein Obama was “Black enough,” given his growing up in a world of privilege, raised by White grandparents, and never having been “down for the struggle.”  On the other hand, Dr. Carson is the American success story, a role model for inner city youth.  He is a product of hard times who lifted himself to greatness, whereas Obama is more Black by choice than by genetics.

I haven’t heard this proposition anywhere else, which means I’m either the first or the farthest out. However, knowing how Democrats, Progressives and Liberals think, anything is possible … and when dealing in the world of make believe, the sky is the limit!

Carson-Obama Compared


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Potty Mouth Kids

If the uber-left zealots who produced this moronic video think it’s going to endear these little border rats to the public, they’d better think again. More than an insult to Donald Trump, it is an affront to America and Americans across our country. By the way, did you notice an American flag anywhere in the video?

This sort of sleazy messaging and child abuse may be acceptable in Mehico but not here. These kids drive Mr. Trump’s point home perfectly.  It’s not about racism. It’s about law. It’s about national security.  It’s about keeping this sort of arrogant, lowlife individual out of our society.  If you read The U.S. Constitution carefully, anchor babies are NOT citizens of our country.  Congress has never passed such a law and Congress is clearly where the power lies in this matter.  Even if you check the Mexican Constitution it, too, declares these small invaders to be Mexicans. One future felon refers to America as “My country” … no wonder they call them dreamers!

The use of children in this manner is almost as obscene as the language and gestures used in the mindless message they were hired to deliver. If this is indicative of what we are adding to our society, maybe we need Donald Trump at the helm more than ever.  Send them back.  Send them all back and let’s start again!

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Sports Lingo

NBC-Peacock-FB Once upon a time, NBC TV offered unparalleled coverage of just about every sport worth watching.  So what happened since they acquired broadcast rights to NASCAR?  For more than five weeks I’ve listened to their hapless announcers use incorrect or inappropriate language to describe various elements of NASCAR, confident each week that someone at the network would correct their terminology but, alas, it has become worse!

First, they began calling the Chase for the Sprint Cup “The Playoffs.”  That’s CHASE!  NASCAR doesn’t have a playoff.  That’s like calling The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and The Belmont “The Playoffs for The Triple Crown.”  These are races, not games.  They are two different things, kind of like square pegs and round holes.

Next,  I heard this intrepid little trio refer to the race itself as a “game” and to the driver clinging to the wheel, careening along at 200 MPH, as “the player!”  I’m beginning to wonder if, soon, NBC will be telling us about birdies on the 9th goal, baseballs hit into the left field seats for a touchdown or 60 yard runs for a basket!  If FOX can get it right — and they do — I’m certain that, with a little more focus, NBC Sports pronouncers can master NASCAR jargon, too.

Descriptions of  “The U.S. Tennis Cup” or “The Stanley Open” really don’t interest me. Somehow, they simply don’t compute!

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Uninformed or Just Stupid?

Hillary,-Bernie,-BidenLet me get this straight.  The Democrats are running an unindicted felon who endangered national security and cost American lives, an avowed socialist who people like only because he’s not the felon and, potentially, a crazy old uncle you keep in the attic so he doesn’t embarrass you in front of company.  All are geriatrics that are going to bring fresh, new ideas to the party of tomorrow.

These ideas include murdering babies and selling off their parts like an automotive chop shop, handing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to the world’s largest sponsor of terror, as well as restricting and redefining Constitutional rights like religion and freedom for individual Americans.

The worst part is, the crazy uncle has been an integral part of our country’s foreign and domestic disasters of the past seven years and has actually polled to beat the strongest bench of Republican candidates the nation has seen in decades.  If the electorate doesn’t soon wake up, Americans are poised to have less liberty than citizens of the Soviet Union during the cold war.  Think about it!

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Fall From Grace

Screen shot 2015-10-01 at 11.39.56 AM

Watching your country pushed into 2nd or 3rd rate world status is like watching a child tumble down the stairs and you’re just out of reach, unable to stop the fall!  It all begins with a flawed ideology and ends with a pathetic lack of leadership.  Of course, it’s important to remember that Iran is just a small country.

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The ‘M’ Word

Chuck-LucySince the political left likes to describe guys as being ‘misogynistic’ at the drop of an adjective, I though I’d look it up in order to be correct should I bump my head and choose to use this particular buzz word:

“Misogyny (/mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/) is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. According to feminist theory, misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.”

The first thing I came to realize is that all guys are misogynistic by nature.  It’s in the wiring.  As soon as a guy thinks, “Wow!” upon seeing a dazzling damsel he is objectifying.  I never spoke with anyone with even an ounce of testosterone who saw a lady of the feminine persuasion perched atop a barstool or gliding across the floor at a church social whose first thought was, “She must have an incredible mind,” or “I wonder if she has a great personality.”  Most normal, healthy guys don’t buy a girl drinks or dinner or bring her flowers with the hope of seducing her into talking with them.

When we were little kids, we called names and threw rocks at girls who had the audacity to interrupt our ballgame by skipping rope along the third base line.  What’s worse, we didn’t let them play … blatant discrimination!  In a few years, as we moved from nose picker into the puberty stage, we began to wonder what girls were for and, likewise, they developed the same curiosity.  I don’t honestly know what name applies to their curiosity about us but, as we explored our identities, and moved into actually touching things, both genders seemed to enjoy it.  Girls most often try to hide their objectification.  Guys just show up.

It seems to me that people who have nothing better to do with their time than find exactly the right sixteen syllable name for what turns out to be a universal condition either have too much time on their hands or too much empty space between their ears.  In either case, they are so busy trying to make the rules that they never get to enjoy the game.

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