Uninformed or Just Stupid?

Hillary,-Bernie,-BidenLet me get this straight.  The Democrats are running an unindicted felon who endangered national security and cost American lives, an avowed socialist who people like only because he’s not the felon and, potentially, a crazy old uncle you keep in the attic so he doesn’t embarrass you in front of company.  All are geriatrics that are going to bring fresh, new ideas to the party of tomorrow.

These ideas include murdering babies and selling off their parts like an automotive chop shop, handing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to the world’s largest sponsor of terror, as well as restricting and redefining Constitutional rights like religion and freedom for individual Americans.

The worst part is, the crazy uncle has been an integral part of our country’s foreign and domestic disasters of the past seven years and has actually polled to beat the strongest bench of Republican candidates the nation has seen in decades.  If the electorate doesn’t soon wake up, Americans are poised to have less liberty than citizens of the Soviet Union during the cold war.  Think about it!

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Fall From Grace

Screen shot 2015-10-01 at 11.39.56 AM

Watching your country pushed into 2nd or 3rd rate world status is like watching a child tumble down the stairs and you’re just out of reach, unable to stop the fall!  It all begins with a flawed ideology and ends with a pathetic lack of leadership.  Of course, it’s important to remember that Iran is just a small country.

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The ‘M’ Word

Chuck-LucySince the political left likes to describe guys as being ‘misogynistic’ at the drop of an adjective, I though I’d look it up in order to be correct should I bump my head and choose to use this particular buzz word:

“Misogyny (/mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/) is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. According to feminist theory, misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.”

The first thing I came to realize is that all guys are misogynistic by nature.  It’s in the wiring.  As soon as a guy thinks, “Wow!” upon seeing a dazzling damsel he is objectifying.  I never spoke with anyone with even an ounce of testosterone who saw a lady of the feminine persuasion perched atop a barstool or gliding across the floor at a church social whose first thought was, “She must have an incredible mind,” or “I wonder if she has a great personality.”  Most normal, healthy guys don’t buy a girl drinks or dinner or bring her flowers with the hope of seducing her into talking with them.

When we were little kids, we called names and threw rocks at girls who had the audacity to interrupt our ballgame by skipping rope along the third base line.  What’s worse, we didn’t let them play … blatant discrimination!  In a few years, as we moved from nose picker into the puberty stage, we began to wonder what girls were for and, likewise, they developed the same curiosity.  I don’t honestly know what name applies to their curiosity about us but, as we explored our identities, and moved into actually touching things, both genders seemed to enjoy it.  Girls most often try to hide their objectification.  Guys just show up.

It seems to me that people who have nothing better to do with their time than find exactly the right sixteen syllable name for what turns out to be a universal condition either have too much time on their hands or too much empty space between their ears.  In either case, they are so busy trying to make the rules that they never get to enjoy the game.

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What You Say

Donny-and-HillI keep hearing people badmouthing Donald Trump because he gave money to the Democrats or sat Hillary in the front row at his wedding.  As the frumpy old ‘lady’ in the pants suit said, “At this point, what difference does it make?” So far, The Donald is saying and doing all the right things and this is politics, not business.  It’s a different game.  This is the true test for people who say, “I vote the man not the party,” or “I’m tired of politicians; the country should be run like a business.”  Well, it’s time to put their money where their pie hole is.

Personally, I don’t give a rat’s sphincter what his label is supposed to be if I think he’s the one who can get our country back on track and assure our allies that we are still America.  Mr. Trump is taking a hit in his business, risking his fortune and has the brass Annies to stand by his statements and, I assume, his beliefs.  That may be a big risk in itself.  Right now, he sounds like the only patriot in the crowd to me, although I’m far from making any final decisions on backing a candidate.

It just seems that if the GOP plans to win in 2016, and notch a win on their bedpost for a change, they need to start listening to what he actually says and not what the Left and their media minions want us to think they hear.  The other wannabe candidates had better start turning up the flame that Trump has set to simmer and stop making statements they can’t walk back should he become the eventual nominee … or, through their collective cowardice, force him into disastrously forming a third party!

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Changing Heroes

mr-mom-carriageIt doesn’t happen all at once, like finding the train set Santa was supposed to bring at the back of your parents’ closet, suddenly realizing the rumors you heard from the older kids were true.  It’s more of a gradual process like understanding that your dad isn’t the strongest man on the block, Superman really can’t fly and it’s okay for a fully grown guy to cry.

Morphing into a man can be tough enough but becoming a father can be downright confusing; kids don’t come with a manual, and even if they did, the instructions would be constantly changing.  That has never been truer than today, as family roles are revised and the definition of family itself, even marriage, is being rewritten.

Back when I was a strapping, rebellious youth there were two types of male figures a kid might find in his life … he usually had either a father or a dad.  It was a short menu.  A father was a more formal figure who cast his seed in the night, then sort of came and went between home, work and wherever else father-types spend their time.  A dad was the guy who actually stuck around enough to help raise the little darling.  He saw to the child’s needs, was there to wipe tears, patch up skinned knees and dispense his own brand of worldly wisdom.

Enter male sensitivity and political correctness to help turn confusion into chaos.  We now have subdivisions of fathers and dads, the most bewildering of which to me is “Mr. Mom”.  This is the liberated ‘hero’ likely to say things like, “WE’RE pregnant!”  In some instances the actual mom, who for nine merciless months never sang a single chorus of “I Enjoy Being A Girl,” now goes off to put pork on the fork while Mr. Mom stays home to nurture their progeny.  Only a few years ago it was shameful if a wife had to work at all.  There is even a movement in some circles to grant the male of the species maternity leave, so he can spend several weeks home from work saying things like, “Honey, Honey the baby’s crying!”

For my money it’s further proof of the eternal truth … the only constant in life we can count on is change.  Being a parent is no easy task and fathers, by any name, will always have a full plate.  The day I became a dad was the proudest of my life and that pride continues through the years without limit.  Just remember, regardless of how we mature men of maternity define our role within the family, old fashioned or new fangled, the most important thing is that we be there.



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Coffin Nails

CharlestonLately, I’ve been having three reactions to the kind of savage, singularly senseless shootings that occurred at the church in Charleston, SC.  First, there is the obvious revulsion to the heinous act itself.  It seems the knee-jerk reaction to such crimes is to blame the firearm before the psychotic murderer.  No, I’m not a ‘shrink’ but I’ve just used a redundant phrase because, to me, no one kills anyone — especially after praying with them for an hour — unless their cheese has slipped, at least partially, off its cracker.  How about we look at the causes rather than the means for these crimes?

My second reaction is a bit selfish:  Why do these mindless morons always choose a firearm to perpetrate their evil instead of one of the many other options available to them?  I cringe, because each time is another nail in the coffin of the Second Amendment.  There are already enough anti-gun radicals lurking in the shadows with hammers, just waiting to seal the box and bury yet another right of upstanding, law abiding citizens … Americans that enjoy feeling safe, participating in sport, perfecting a skill or simply collecting unique elements of history.  It’s one thing to do some thing and quite another to do the right thing, if in fact the actual problem even has a solution.

Third, but by no means least, is the widening of the racial divide already created by political agendas bent on restructuring our nation and not for the better.  There is already too much fabricated racial animus on all sides without introducing the genuine article, as this latest tragedy seems to do.  How easy it is to forget the simple but powerful precept of “united we stand” … and my worst fear is, that’s not happening anymore.

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I’m Coming Out

Bruce,-Fred,-RachaelInspired by the sexual confusion of Bruce, excuse me, Caitlyn Jenner and the recent racial revelation of the White/Black Rachel Dolezal, I have summoned the courage to come out of the closet with my own shocking disclosure.  I’m really a kid!  I’ve lived with this horrible secret since I was ten, when I first came to that realization.  Since my discovery, for more than half a century, I have lived as a child trapped in a constantly aging body. Now, I can hide it no longer!  There is no Senior here!

I have tried to think of myself as being wiser, more mature, even as a ten-year-old with sixty-two years of experience.  Nothing worked to ease my tortured soul.  Therefore, from this day forward I shall think of myself as young and live life as a child, free to frolic and play as if someone left the gate open, not caring who knows it or what stones bigots may cast!

It is the dawning of a new day, as I  throw off the painful shackles of age placed upon me by society.  A great weight has been lifted as I proudly walk out of the shadows and into the sunshine of the true me, to bask in the joyous glow of my kidhood!

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In The Wake of Charlie H.

JAMES-TAYLOR-facebookThe Washington Clown Corps still doesn’t get it.  They send Duh Kerry to France and haul poor James Taylor over there to sing, “You’ve Got A Friend” … a pathetic attempt to apologize for Obama missing the million-man-rally against radical Islamic terror.  Our guys can’t even say the phrase and think the whole shindig was only in support of France.  I’m not sure they were actually invited, anyway … it was for world LEADERS! Hey, you guys see a reset button anyplace?

PS:  Adding insult to injury, the good Secretary, apparently, once again attempted his Washingtonized version of French.  Ouï, ouï!

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The Price of Ignorance

FiremenCertain fringe elements in this country seem to be targeting some of the bravest and most dedicated among us.  The goal clearly has nothing to do with justice — it never did — the goal is anarchy.  So-called ‘demonstrators’ will push these unsung heroes only so far before they have to pay the price.  Pushback!  As the old adage goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch and, sooner or later, responses to the needs of those elements may slow down … or be absent altogether.

Suppose we simply pulled the police and firemen out of areas where most of the phoney ‘protesters’ originate?  How long do you suppose they’d last?  How do I know they’re phoney?  Because they are still out there causing trouble, that’s how!  I’ve heard police say that the genuinely concerned citizens, with a legitimate point to make, are usually gone after the first 24 to 48 hours.  Then professional, organized agitators move in to feed their own agendas with mayhem and violence … ironically in this case, against the very protective forces that make it possible for them to safely misbehave!  Tragically, this is what we are witnessing in New York and a few other targeted cities, where the agendas of DeBlasio, Holder, Sharpie and others like them are being served to whatever future end.

Of course, there is also the opposite kind of pushback which is not passive, as I have described above, but is profoundly aggressive!  Police, in particular, are being backed into a corner where they have little to lose and New York is a city of which its mayor has lost control and over which has demonstrated he is incapable of governing.  Just a note to the dupes in the streets and those pulling their strings:   Anarchy has never been acceptable in America and We The People have no intention of accepting it now!

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Enough Already!

Frankly, I’m sick of their BS!  These idiots are now well beyond any basis for a First Amendment right they may claim.  This is no longer freedom of speech, no longer a protest but a lawless, well organized, well funded street mob that is showing less respect for human life than those they have chosen to dishonor.

To not, at least, take time out for the funerals of the assassinated officers and for the holy days of Christmas and Hanukkah is beyond shameful.  It is about time to enforce the law and disband this scourge by any means necessary!

If they ever had a point in the first place, it has been made and it is lost … and they are now operating at the expense of rights reserved for the rest of us.  The only thing they are now proving is the true value of our police as the last bastion of defense between anarchy and the civil society!


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