Trump Lawsuits Exposed

Hillary Clinton has charged that Donald Trump doesn’t pay his employees, doesn’t pay his bills and is being sued by all sorts of disgruntled clients and contractors for ripping them off.  Once and for all, let’s look at his record and tear through this tissue of Democrat lies.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Trump has been involved with 3,500 lawsuits, which break down as follows:

  • 1,900 he was the plaintiff
  • 1,450 he was the defendant
  • 150 were bankruptcy or third party lawsuits
  • 451 Trump won
  • 38 Trump lost
  • 500 suits were dismissed
  • 175 were settled

Not a bad average for a reprobate … if he were playing baseball instead of building skyscrapers, Trump would be Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig all rolled into one!   Looking at the nature of these actions only 60, or about 1.7 lawsuits per year, were not because he was ‘stiffing’ anyone but because work that he had contracted for was either done poorly or not completed.  When I built our home (55 different sub-contractors – can’t imagine how many for a 100 story building), I didn’t pay for shoddy or incomplete work either … so sue me!

About half, or 1700, were ‘ordinary American’ lawsuits.  Most had to do with Mr. Trump’s casinos where either patrons didn’t pay their debts and collection actions were necessary, or ‘slip and fall’ type cases where someone may have skated on a wet floor or perhaps had a hand nipped by a hungry elevator door.

By the way, as for his four highly touted bankruptcies:  The average business fails an average of 3 to 4 times before, if ever, achieving success.  Given his many hundreds of businesses, and possibly thousands of deals, four is an astonishingly low number.  That either makes Donald Trump a bonafide genius or a mighty lucky man … or maybe some of each.

So the next time you hear Hillary Clinton, the media or any other Democrat operative bad mouthing Mr. Trump’s business acumen, remember to do a little digging.  There is usually the story you heard and then there is the truth!


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Not What They Seem

Cruz-KasichI’ve stopped listening to anything either Ted Cruz or John Kasich are saying anymore. I’m looking only at their behavior and if I hadn’t been for Trump from the beginning, I’d have been driven to support him by now. I can’t believe there are still people who don’t recognize the overwhelming lack of integrity, absence of ethics, paucity of scruples and perhaps even morals in the actions of these two sorry sots. They have come to represent all of the insults we have been forced to endure for the past 7-1/2 years … everything they’ve claimed to be running against, the very things that have given rise to the candidacies of Trump and even Sanders as outsiders.

Their desperation has driven these two colluders into an unholy alliance that ignores any sense of fair play, marginalizes the role of The American People and focuses only upon their own political self-interest, not the good of the country. Our nation’s capitol is already overflowing with these types. This is not how you win an American election. With each passing day, Cruz and Kasich become more distant from the kind of leaders our country needs at this point in history … they are the wrong men at the wrong time, attempting to snake their way into the wrong job. They are not unknown but are unpredictable. We had such a candidate in both 2008 and 2012 and we see how that has turned out!  Fool me … thrice?  Really?  How can we trust either of these men in the Oval Office if they show such a lack of trustworthiness and contempt for The People already?

In a race you win by running, by competing, not by coercing or pilfering, whether it’s backdoor deals or delegates. At best, it can only lead to hollow victory.  At worst, there is no honor in tripping your competitor before he reaches he finish line, and men without honor never really win but only live on in disgrace. Whatever else one may think of Donald Trump, he is an honorable man and is running to serve America, not some arcane ideology. He is a man of principle, integrity and good will, not a man of deceit as the actions of Cruz and Kasich are revealing them to be!

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Political Tyranny

smoky roomsThe Grand Old Party is rigging their presidential primary race even worse than the Democrats!  Donald Trump is winning with the American People but the election is being stolen in those clichéd smokey back rooms.  They’re dealing for delegates even before the primary voting takes place!  In case you thought your vote — fought and paid for by millions of heroes for more than 200 years — means something, think again!  We need Trump and Cruz to, somehow, bury their differences and unite as a third party, relegating whatever candidate the establishment inserts to third place and the GOP to oblivion!

Many Republican elitists who say they would rather lose the election than see Mr. Trump in the White House had better be ready to give up both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court for generations to come if they permit the Democrats to win.  That would mean losing America permanently!  Right now, they are on just such a suicide mission.  Losing one third of the GOP electorate is probably a conservative estimate, if they continue on their present course.

We The People on both sides of the aisle have had it to the brim with authoritarians shoving their collective will down our throats and, today, may easily have more reason to make systemic adjustments than our forefathers did in 1776.


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Teddy Goes To New York

CruzNow, this is the big city Ted and people walk real fast, sometimes they even bump into you and don’t even apologize. The choo-choo runs underground here, so the rumble you hear isn’t an earthquake and yes, it does stop so you can get on … yes, it does stop Ted.

If you see a marquis that says “Live Nudes” it doesn’t mean as opposed to dead ones, it means instead of moving pictures … and you might hear people say words like “hell” and “damn” or even worse. Folks in the big city pretty much say what they mean, so don’t hurt your head trying to figure out what they are really trying to say. If tell you they don’t llke you, chances are they don’t. Sometimes when people run, they aren’t always exercising … someone might be chasing them so you might want to stand clear and not try to explain your fiscal policy or hand out a campaign button just then. Most of these folks are probably Democrats anyway, so you won’t be losing very much by giving it an “Aw shucks” shuffle and focusing on your shoe tops.
Many people here are fairly emotional about things, so your silver tongued logic may not work on, say, a guy standing in front of a bar who asks you for a buck to buy dinner. If someone living in a doorway tells you it’s his, it probably is. If anyone calls you “Sucka'”, talks about his “Homies” or refers to you as “Bro” just smile and keep walking. I wish I had the room here to tell you more about what you will encounter in this strange, enchanting land … the attitude, the morals, the New York values, but I think you’ll discover the rest for yourself by the time you’ve had your good suit cleaned and your stitches are ready to come out!

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Ruining For President

Voting-smI just watched an hour of news … an hour of hate! Everyone but the voters seems to be out to get Donald Trump … and Cruz whom I once liked, has turned into one of the most lying, devious SOBs I’ve seen in politics during my lifetime and there have been quite a few. Personal destruction is not supposed to be how we pick a president in the United States.  Funny thing is, Cruz and the Kasich are so busy bad-mouthing The Donald that he turns out to be the only one whose programs I actually understand.  The other two aren’t talking about issues … except making an issue of propelling Hillary Clinton into the presidency, by way of their misguided vitriol!

By the way, as to Ted Cruz’s allegations that Mr. Trump may, in the past, have had some kind of ties to organized crime, it didn’t seem to hurt JFK while he was in office or trying to get there … and some of his ties were pretty tight!  As for Ted, he has ties to folks in Washington that make the Mafia look like a bunch of choir boys! (Of course, we all know there is no such thing as the Mafia, but there are plenty of politicians to go ’round).

I hope the Republican party understands the reality that, if they listen to panicky Democrats and lose the November election by not supporting The People’s choice, they will exist no more.  Stick a fork in ’em, they’re done, finished, “goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu” as they sang in The Sound of Music … only this will truly be the GOP’s swan song and it won’t be pretty!

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Who’s In The Tank

Establishment-smI keep hearing Ted Cruz interviews where he insists that Mr. Trump is not just part of but IS the establishment. First, let’s define what the establishment is … there are two. One is the POLITICAL establishment, where anything is possible, except for the American dream anymore. The other is most of the rest of us folks who are law abiding, work hard and generally play by the rules. Trump is part of the latter while Cruz is part of the former, like it or not.
Problem is, if you’re using a yardstick graduated in meters to measure a football field, you’re going to come up short. That is what a lot of people, including Cruz, are doing when they look at The Donald. Even if ol’ Twistin’ Ted were right … if they want to catch a jewel thief, who do the cops hire, another cop? No. They hire (wait for it) A JEWEL THIEF! Either way, Ted had better concentrate on Ted, not on Donald, because the sharks in the political establishment tank are after him too … they’re only chasing Trump first because, right now, he’s swimming faster!

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A Question of Values

valuesIt was most interesting to spend a few hours of sanity, watching the grace and elegance of the Nancy Reagan funeral … to spend a few hours back in America! It stood in stark contrast to the ‘hallelujah anointing’ of Ted Cruz as president by the Holy Ghost and the paid violence by the great unwashed in Chicago at the Trump rally. It also contrasted sharply with the following Neil Cavuto show, which picked right up on FOX’s Trash Trump Campaign where Mayhem Kelly and company left off when I last mistakenly tried to watch the station.

Cavuto opened with the verbal emissions of some young punk named Ron Meyer, purportedly from The Washington Examiner, who didn’t look old enough to even have an opinion, let alone spew it to an audience. He needs to pay more attention to healing that big cut under his nose, rather than picking it open in public. I’m sick and tired of hearing people like Obama, Clinton or this little puke telling me what ‘our’ values are or aren’t. I can promise you this kid does not have values shared by most Americans or even have an inkling of what they might be.

The amazing thing to me is how all of these Trash Trump Guys just don’t get it … the more you falsely attack the man, the more you cement the bond with his supporters. Critics wonder what the big attraction is? Simple. Trump reflects the anger, fears and concerns of most Americans … what they feel, what they think, and what they have been brow-beaten into not expressing publicly.

What do folks want? What are ‘our’ values? Refer to the Nancy Reagan funeral and the profound utterances of the man she loved so dearly. Then realize that a great number of people believe that an avenger like Donald Trump may be the fastest way back to the real America!  As for FOX … I really can’t abide their new leftist mantle anymore and I’m guessing there are plenty of people who feel the same way.  I think they’d better look at some old broadcast tapes before it’s too late.

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More Like A ‘Puddy Tat’ Than A FOX

Watched the Republican presidential debate on CNN last night, then turned to FOX for commentary as usual. What I found was a cast iron b-itch and several unprofessional minions doing a pure Donald Trump hit piece, instead of providing the substantive commentary I used to get once upon a time. From Mayhem Kelly I expected as much but the snickering chortling Bret Baier, whom I once respected as an honest dependable news man, and Chris Stierwalt who’s opinion I always valued, were beyond disappointing.
I’m not sure what FOX is trying to do but they have finally succeeded in becoming just another station in the basement of Mainstream Media. CNN seems to be smart enough to recognize this decline and is making and effort to fill the void. The last two debates they offered were the best of the 12. Last night the questions were good, the narrative fair and the debate was kept under control. I know that because after trying to watch FOX a couple of times, without throwing a solid object through my television screen, I turned back to CNN where they were providing balanced opinion and actual information about the race for the White House.
RIP FOX! It was nice while it lasted.

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Burgers ‘n Fries

burgerflippersThis was sent to me by a buddy who is a decorated Vietnam Veteran of several tours, a former Texas Sheriff and who is one of the more passionate patriots walking our planet these days.  I thought this was well stated and addresses something that needs a little more exposure to the light of day:

“Low military pay was not mentioned in The State Of The Union speech.  It rarely is.  Only increasing the minimum wage is on the front burner.  Hamburgers or minimum wage … those seem to be the options for so-called working people these days.  For those fast food employees striking to get $15 an hour, let’s do some math.  At $15 an hour, Johnny McFry-Boy would get $31,200 annually.  An E1 (Private) in the military earns $18,378, while an E5 (Sergeant) with eight years of service makes $35,067 annually.

So you’re telling me, LaTisha McBurgerflipper, that you deserve as much or more compensation than those kids deploying for months in hostile environments, getting shot at daily by our country’s enemies and generally putting their collective butt cheeks on the line protecting you 24/7 with ZERO overtime?

Okay, here’s the deal Baconator … you are working in a job designed for a kid in high school who is just learning how to work, earning enough money for gas and hanging out with his equally goofy high school pals.  If you have chosen this as your life-long profession, you have failed.  If you don’t want minimum wage, then don’t have minimum skills.  I guess you have to be really smart to understand this because most politicians don’t.  They just promise more free stuff, for someone else’s labor, at the cost of someone else’s paycheck.   It’s sad, but I think the public is finally waking up to this Ponzi scheme.

If you are able to read this, thank a teacher.  If it’s in English, thank a veteran.”

Semper Fi, my friend!

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SelloutSome mental conditions can be corrected but, as we all know, you can’t fix stupid.  We’re not talking about Republicans here, and certainly not Conservatives, just people who deceptively stick an ‘R’ after their name with the hope it will make them look respectable.

Anyone who holds our Constitution and our nation in high esteem would never vote to assure the continuing demise of both.  Ironically, those who would actually jeopardize our freedom in this manner are doing a greater disservice to The Republic, and all for which it stands, than any sin they mistakenly believe Mr. Trump might commit.  If these smarmy, self-indulgent types had wielded influence in the 1980’s, Ronald Reagan would have had to return to acting.

These are the sort of people who would intentionally swerve to run over a small puppy in road … and are probably part of the contingent in Congress already selling out the American people for personal gain.  They would simply be taking their lack of integrity to the next level.  Several other species of vermin have already learned that eating one’s own children is not a good idea!

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